Material: Leather (Cow) and  Pearls

Handle: handmade in broze double 24k  Gold Plated, made by Colombian Jewelry Designer Orlando Blanco for Rei Giraldo 

Chain:  24k Gold Plated, made by Colombian artisans.


Size: 14 1/4 x 5.5" x 2"

         36cm x 14 cm x 6.5cm 


Made with patience for passionate and demanding craftsmen, it can last a lifetime with proper care

Sustainable Ethical & slow-fashion brand

Eva Luxury Clutch Orlando Blanco for Rei Giraldo

  • Eve: "She who gives life".

    The first clutch we designed.

    Some products can mark leather indelibly: ink (markers and pens), greasy products such as makeup, perfume or alcohol-containing products, in the same way repeated contact with brusque or dark colored textiles could alter the lighter color leather.

    Lastly, in the case of portfolios, its form will remain intact if it prevents it from
    suffering overcharges or inappropriate contents.

    To preserve its original beauty intact, leather needs rest periods. When not in use, offer the best storage conditions: in a dry place, a temperate environment protected from light, preferably in its original protective dust bag. To keep its silhouette (wallets, clutches), fill it with tissue paper or bubble, closing its closure. Moisture bags are not recommended since they dry the leather.

    The metal parts, sheets, closures, padlocks, locks, nails, buckles, called jewelry in leather goods, are mostly exclusive pieces of the Rei Giraldo brand. They are usually made of copper with two 24K gold plated. and it is advisable to clean them with drY cloth.

    Leather is sensitive to natural elements: water, greasy substances, heat, light, excess moisture or dryness. Preserve this piece from any prolonged exposure to light or intense heat (direct sun, behind a window, above a radiator ...), which could alter its original color. In case of contact with water, clean it immediately with a soft and non-velvety cloth, do not use for any motive dryer, thus avoiding the formation of marks or blisters when drying.

    Some of our designs are combined with carefully selected fabrics tha