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BOTANICA, Cruise Collection

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

After a 2020-21 full of surprises that nobody expected, we have learned that life gives you opportunities and fills you with love in the least expected ways, I learned this during all this time of pandemic and quarantine, I became a fan of plants , sow them, transplant them, take care of them, water them, watch them bloom and watch them die and then out of nowhere watch them grow again. This is why our collection pays tribute to flowers, plants, and Life.

Botanica is a mix of joy, love and hope that is reflected in the colors, silhouettes and textile bases used in this collection. We also include two elements:

The tiger; Who is the third animal of the Chinese horoscope. People under this sign need adventure, they fully enjoy life and courage.


which in ancient Egypt represent THE SUN GOD, also represent change and transformation; Being able to transform and renew ourselves is something that this last year and a half gave us as an opportunity to grow, love, transform and connect.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoy making it and that when you are wearing any of our pieces, remember that you are Unique and that there is nothing you cannot achieve, be fierce, be open to change, lose your leaves and bloom again. Being Human and imperfect IS WORTH IT.

and Remember, Rei Giraldo is a Unique Story Told With The Soul.

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