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This is how we lived #CaliDistritoModa2022

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

After 10 years without our Creative Director Reinaldo Giraldo presenting a collection in Colombia, he is back!!! full of emotion, nerves but above all a lot of passion to show how much he has matured as a brand and as a creative since the last time in 2012.

Months of preparation, and a bit of anxiety for wanting to present what for us was the return to home, that house where many dreams began. We began with the presentation of the talented Professional Dancers Thais Doimeadios Huerta (@thais_doimeadios) and Mario Jorge Varela Cruz (@m_varelacruz) from @galeria_ensayo__ who in 40 seconds, and through beautiful movements, managed to capture the beginning of our inspiration; a beautiful love that could never be, and that became an eternal love.

We want to share a little behind the scenes and the final result of these few minutes in which we give everything we are.

Pictures by Adrian Perry @fotazaa

Finally, I want to thank Guio di Colombia (@guiodicolombia) for being the maker of this dream called Cali Distrito Moda, thanks for betting on Colombian talent and for opening a space for those who need it. Thank you! Jorge Dusterdieck for being the bridge that allowed us to participate in this first version of the event and for all your support from the distance, Kahren Rondon, for always being there, for contributing and for being so valuable to Rei Giraldo, as a friend and as a businesswoman , Thanks to our Producer Nicolas Rodriguez for your dedication, to make that everything turned out as we wanted and Thanks to you Patty Gómez for beign our PR, you did an impeccable job, we are proud to meet you all and have you in our lives.

An extended thanks to:





Pictures by Adrian Perry @fotazaa

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