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Tea O'clock with Rei Giraldo is an annual event of the Rei Giraldo Brand that seeks to highlight, help, and empower other human beings. The GOAL is to raise funds for a Foundation that empowers, helps and supports people in vulnerable conditions.

About the event

This year will be supporting The Isaías Duarte Cancino Institution in Cali, Colombia. 20% of proffit will be donated to this Institution in order to keep Kids in school with all the neccesary resources.

You will find Rei Giraldo's Pieces from $50.oo USD and Great Discounts.

About the Institution

During the last five years a group of teachers and people from the community of eastern Cali, Colombia. They have led various campaigns to meet the basic needs of vulnerable families of the institution: Isaías Duarte Cancino. Many of these families do not have access to any the three basic meals, or any kind of government help, living in conditions that border on inhumane, especially for the children in the institution.

Through different campaigns, the institution seeks in some way to help children continue in classes with everything they need for their education, helping them to have a less severe and more bearable childhood, allowing them to be children.

Special Guests:

Patty Gómez Ca

Spiritual therapist and coach, trainer in the care of emotional well-being.

During Tea O'clock Patty will be performing Spiritual Response Therapy, Negative and discordant energy cleansing that blocks us in our present, and positive reprogramming at no cost to those attending the event from 3:00 P.M. at 5:00 pm.

Will Torres

Holistic Therapist, Psychologist, Coach, Sound Therapist, Reiki Master.

at 5:30 pm. Will will be doing a closing session with sound therapy.

Sonotherapy facilitates the release of fear, pain, loneliness and depression. It also helps to eliminate negative and unwanted emotions, such as anger or resentment.


Hosted by Andres Arango.

Andres will be making the best cocktails in town

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