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Tea O'clock with Rei Giraldo

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to give back something of everything that the universe has given us, it was our way of saying Thank you for everything and for so much. In the company of old good friends, and many new ones + people with very good energy we celebrate our first "TEA O'CLOCK WITH REI GIRALDO" an event that we seek to do annually, in which we will support different foundations both in Miami and in our beloved Colombia.

For this first Tea O'clock we decided and we are lucky enough to support NO MORE TEARS, a foundation that we have held in our hearts for three years and that we have wanted to support for a long time.

Thanks to Edith Monge, Art Curator, we managed to bring together 8 local artists who helped us customize 8 bags. They, with all their talent, intervened "Elena" one of our bags (ELENA was created in honor of my mother). The bags were on display to the public at the event during a silent auction. We successfully managed to raise $3,052.oo USD that have been donated to No More Tears to help victims of violence, human traffic and the LGBTI community.

I greatly appreciate all those who attended, those who bought and those who filled us with lots of love and good vibes last Saturday, for those who could not attend can still want to help, you can do it by donating directly to the foundation through its website

Many thanks to those who joined the cause.

Veronika Mejia - Host

Cristina & Lauren - No More Tears

Marcelo Llobell - Interim Executive Director DORCAM

Edith Monge - Five Innovations Art

Maria Fagundez - Fstyles Events

Tere Jessurum Uribe - MIFA Director

Marianela Perez - Artist

Leonardo Montoya - Artist

Dalia Berlin - Artist

Karen Bibas - Artist

Vero Murphy - Artist

Tere Jessurum Uribe - Artist

Sonia Hidalgo - Artist

Maria Garces Luzuriaga - Artist

Annabel Valdes - Model

Veronna - Model

Leonela Gonzalez - House of Top Model Founder

I also want to give a huge thank you to Andres Arango for making our first "Tea O'clock" a reality. Thank you for your effort, dedication and the love you put into everything, I think all the attendees noticed your Love to the project.

Not being more, remember that: Rei Giraldo is "A Unique Story Told With The Soul"

Rei Giraldo

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