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To All Of The QUEENS

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Who is Elena?

'Elena' is the name for the 'Rei Giraldo Collection's' perfect shopping bag. 'Elena' pays tribute to all the women who fill our daily lives with their light. Rei was inspired by all the women who played an important role in his life. 'Elena' is the perfect luxury bag for every woman as she goes about her day. Carrying 'Elena' helps her remember she is special and that with her light she can achieve whatever goal she sets for herself.

The works of the Artists will be presented at the first charity event of the Rei Giraldo brand. The personalized handbags will be part of a silent auction during the "Te O'clock with Rei Giraldo" event. A percentage of sales will go to the No More Tears USA Foundation, NMT supports victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and the LGBTI community.

Know the inspiration behind the artists who personalized a custom "Elena" handbag for the NO MORE TEARS FOUNDATION.

Marianela Perez “Color Motion” is the name of my work for the portfolio intervention. I express myself in an abstract-geometric way emphasizing the use of color. I am fascinated by the fracture and fragmentation of crystals and their reflections. I constantly look for abstraction in everything that surrounds me. I find myself constantly searching the urban forms within the architectural landscape and nature all around me. For the 'No More Tears' project, I was inspired by the colorful Miami Beach atmosphere. I am always looking for movement and chromatic harmony. Once I start the concept, I draw it and shape it with colors, then I rotate the pieces, breaking their symmetry to produce a chromatic explosion. The design comes together like a puzzle.

Leonardo Montoya:

Iris Apfel the Queen of the fashion world! With her eclectic style and vibrant colors, Iris has inspired and revolutionized creative scenarios at all levels. At 100 years of age, she has shown that age is just a number and that what is important in life is to be authentic without seeking approval.

Dalia Berlin

Lotus Menina

My inspiration for this bag came from the Menina and the subtlety of the lotus flower that symbolizes purity, wisdom, peace, prosperity, energy, fertility, rebirth, and sensuality.

Karen Bibas RELEASE

work inspired by the freedom that every woman deserves after being abused. The feathers symbolize the deserved flight NO MORE TEARS.

Vero Murphy

Golden Woman All women are queens and deserve to be portrayed as Gustav Klimt's golden women, shining forever.

Tere Jessurum Uribe


The song Kings and queens made me envision a powerful-looking woman. Her look is direct and defiant, showing a confident attitude. She has a crown of roses to symbolize her status as a queen, although the roses and the flowers surrounding her depict her femininity and sensibility. She doesn’t need a sword to display her power, all her strength lies in her inner God-given qualities. @terejessurumuribe

Sonia Hidalgo

Elena...The One When you are an empathetic person it is hard to listen to stories about abuse and violence and even more so, when it is so close to home. For years, I went through emotional abuse without knowing it. Having the proper support helped me to get out and learn about self-love has been the way of empowering myself to become who I am today. Seeing myself in other women suffering and having the opportunity to make a difference in those lives is my inspiration. This artwork is a tribute and my way of saying, “You are worthy, strong, and powerful.” Silence is not an option, for we are ONE and must act like it. @soniahidalgo_art

Maria Garces Luzuriaga

"Hello, do you recognize me?"

it's the name of my artwork. My inspiration comes from thinking of me, thinking of my girlfriends, and thinking of you. We are all different individuals but at the same time we have a lot in common. We are women born to shine in this world. We are unique, and we are the queens of our lives. @garcesluzuriaga

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